Deep Learning’s Next Challenge: Teaching Machines Common Sense


Overview: Briefly introduce the current achievements in deep learning and segue into the emerging challenge of imbuing machines with common sense.

Thesis Statement: Emphasize the importance and complexity of teaching common sense to AI.

Deep Learning: A Quick Recap

Deep Learning Basics: Define deep learning and its significance in AI development.

Recent Advancements: Highlight key advancements and applications of deep learning in various sectors.

The Concept of Common Sense

Definition of Common Sense: Explain what common sense entails in human cognition.

Relevance to AI: Discuss why common sense is a crucial, yet challenging, aspect to incorporate into AI systems.

Challenges in Teaching Common Sense to Machines

Complexity of Human Logic: Explore how human logic and common sense differ from binary machine processing.

Examples of Challenges: Provide real-world scenarios where AI fails due to a lack of common sense.

Current Efforts and Research

Leading Research Initiatives: Describe ongoing research projects aimed at integrating common sense into AI.

Breakthrough Technologies: Mention any technologies or methodologies that are showing promise in this area.

The Role of Data in Common Sense AI

Data Quality and Diversity: Discuss the importance of diverse and quality data in teaching AI common sense.

Data Collection Challenges: Address the challenges in gathering and processing the right kind of data for this purpose.

Ethical and Societal Implications

Ethical Considerations: Delve into the ethical aspects of AI with common sense capabilities.

Impact on Society: Speculate on how such AI could influence various aspects of daily life and decision-making.

Future Prospects and Predictions

What the Future Holds: Offer predictions about the future of AI with common sense, based on current trends and research.

Potential Transformations: Discuss how this advancement could transform industries and our interaction with technology.

Challenges in Teaching Common Sense

Discuss the complexity of human common sense.

Explain the difficulty in translating human experience into data for AI.

Address the challenges in creating algorithms that can interpret and use common sense.

Current Efforts and Research

Highlight ongoing research efforts in this field.

Discuss how some AI systems are being trained to understand context and nuance.

Mention key institutions or researchers working on this challenge.

Future Implications

Speculate on the future of AI with common sense capabilities.

Discuss the potential societal and ethical implications.

Present a hopeful outlook on how these advancements could benefit various sectors.


Summarization: Recap the main points discussed in the article.

Final Thoughts: Offer a closing thought or question to leave the reader pondering about the future of AI and common sense.

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